Tropenbos Suriname supports the development of 'Agricultural entrepreneurship' among Saamaka young people

Tropenbos Suriname supports the development of 'Agricultural entrepreneurship' among Saamaka young people

Suriname - 12 July, 2022

Eight Saamaka natives participated in an agro-business training from 31 May to 15 June 2022 to independently develop a business case.

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Photo1: Saamaka youth during the training sessions by NCC Consultancy.

From May 31 until June 15 2022, eight young people of Saamaka community participated in an agro- business provided by Natali Waal, MSc from NCC consultancy. The aim of this training was to provide the participants with the tools to independently develop a business case. This has led to a joint business case for the processing of bitter cassava extract into vinegar and processing the young tops of the sweet cassava plant into tea. This will lead to less waste in nature and environmentally friendly residual material. During the training participants were divided in 2 groups. In addition to the techniques in writing a business plan, group 1 was provided with skills to provide guidance to group2 that has received less formal education. Group 2 was given the training from idea to concept note Agro-business. This group consisted of three participants of which two were active entrepreneurs and need mainly capacity building and marketing to increase their sales. One participant wants to start breeding poultry and pigs while the other is working on a business model for growing fruit trees. Both initiatives can make a strong contribution to the food supply and growth of employment in the surrounding areas at the Upper Suriname river area.


Photo2: the trainer flanked by director Tropenbos Suriname and consultant Leeroy Jack
The training resulted in a proposal for the establishment of a Multi-Purpose Cooperative (MPC) by the group of young people. From the MPC, the trained group van offer guidance and support to other young people in the development of project ideas and business plans.