28 April 2020 Suriname

INREF Forefront workshop

Tropenbos Suriname Director Rudi van Kanten and Assistant Researcher Bindia-Roy Jaddoe attended the INREF Forefront Workshop in Viçosa and Zona da Mata, Minas Gerais, Brazil, from 09-13 March 2020.

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26 November 2019 Suriname

To a Climate Smart Suriname through awareness workshop and Art at Waka Pasi

On 26 November 2019 Tropenbos Suriname organized the public awareness workshop: Forest and Urban landscapes: towards a Climate Smart Suriname. This workshop was sponsored by the European Union (EU) and the main focus was both on the hinterlands as well as the capital Paramaribo.

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11 May 2019 Suriname

Good Agricultural Practices training at Pikin Slee

Wi! Uma Fu Sranan (WUFS) is an organization that aims to improve the standard of living of female producers mainly in rural areas. This organization provided a training in Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) in Pikin Slee from 10 to 13 April 2019 in cooperation with Tropenbos Suriname (TBIS).

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10 May 2019 Suriname

Sustainable living in Pikin Slee in a changing climate

The project Sustainable Living in Pikin Slee in a changing climate (DLP) started in January 2019. This project is funded by the UNDP-GEF Small Grants Program (SGP) and runs until June 2020.

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25 March 2019 Suriname

Tropenbos Suriname launches twinning project during inception seminar on urban greenery in Paramaribo

On Friday, March 22, 2019, Tropenbos Suriname launched its twinning project "Towards a Green and Livable Paramaribo" in the auditorium of the IGSR Staatsolie building. Trees and other urban green spaces can make an important contribution to a more liveable Paramaribo. Urban green spaces contribute, among other things, to a better microclimate, provision of fruits and herbs, recreation, a healthier environment, mitigation of flooding, and improving mental health. Nowadays there is insufficient appreciation for urban green spaces in our city. Concrete takes the upper hand and the environmental, social and economic benefits that urban green spaces can offer remain unused.

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