Tropenbos Suriname Tree tour is popular

Tropenbos Suriname Tree tour is popular

Suriname - 23 mei, 2024

'When is the next one?' 'The tour could be a little longer.' 'I'll be there again next time.' 'Organise these types of events more often, where that Sabi diri quality emerges.' participants in the Tropenbos Suriname Tree Tour that took place last Sunday. Dozens of people took part in this activity, which took place in the area of ​​Fort Zeelandia, Palmentuin, Independence Square and the Waterkant. The guides Sean Dilrosun, Errol Gezius, Chafihd Tapessur, Aniel Gangadin and Sergio Darius guided the different groups and provided them with information about the trees in the area. Some participants even brought their families. This activity took place on the occasion of Earth Day, which was commemorated on April 22.”

Guide Sean Dilrosun is pleased with the interest in the greenery of Suriname. 'I am happy that so many people have set out to learn more about the trees of Suriname. It is a pleasure for me to show people around, answer questions and thus share knowledge. I have prepared myself thoroughly for this tour because although I know many of the trees in the area, it is important to ensure the accuracy of the information I share. Moreover, it is essential to be able to provide sufficient information about the trees.'

He could feel that the group was really learning something. 'People were genuinely interested in the information. For example, there was a lady in the group who recognized many trees, but didn't know much about them. This actually applies to many people living in Suriname: you know certain trees, but their background often remains unknown.

After the first rounds of the tour, researcher Saskia Chote shared her results and conclusions from her research 'Urbane green areas in Paramaribo: perceptions, use and management' with those present. This research was carried out in three places, namely the Cultural Garden, the Palm Garden and Wakapasi and the Prof. Mr. Dr. Coen Ooftplein. She emphasized that if we as a society keep our environment clean, the government, especially Public Green, will have less work and costs for its maintenance. This allows more money to be invested in other projects to promote the preservation of urban greenery, such as planting new trees. She encouraged the organization to organize more activities that focus on Suriname's greenery and increase awareness of it.

Dominiek Plouvier, the author of the book 'Trees of Suriname', which the guides worked with during the tour, also took part in a tour himself. He especially enjoyed the interaction with his group, with participants asking questions about the different trees. Some attendees even had their copies of 'Bomen van Paramaribo' signed by Plouvier.

The theme for this year's Earth Day was 'Planet vs Plastics', highlighting the crucial role of protecting our environment and conserving natural resources. At the same time, the importance of switching to sustainable and renewable energy sources, as an alternative to fossil fuels, was emphasized. Glenn Ramdjan, chairman of the Support Recycling Suriname Foundation, SuReSur, and some volunteers provided information about the importance of recycling. He hopes that more recycling will take place in the coming period and that the use of plastic will be reduced.

Davita Oberg, project coordinator at Tropenbos Suriname, is pleased with the turnout and the positive reactions. 'We had more than a hundred people register, of which eighty people ultimately participated, so we are not dissatisfied. We will take the many feedback to heart, such as extending the duration of the tours and organizing them at other locations. We will also look at how we can involve the students and draw up a plan for this. Much is still unknown about our city center, especially about greenery, so there is still plenty of work to be done in terms of knowledge sharing. By collaborating with other parties such as the guides and Suresur, we strive to make the activity substantively stronger and reach a wider audience with information about the greenery and forests of our country.'

Tropenbos Suriname is considering regularly setting up such activities and tours to increase awareness about the greenery of Paramaribo. In this way, the organization hopes to strengthen awareness of the importance of greenery in our country. The organization urges the society to keep an eye on their Facebook page to know in time when the next tour will be held and in what environment.

Published on April 27, 2024 in De Ware Tijd.