About us

Tropenbos Suriname envisions a world where forests and trees are sustainably managed by strong institutions and individuals on all levels.

In 2003, Tropenbos Suriname started as a country program of Tropenbos International (Wageningen, the Netherlands), which was founded in 1986. In 2017 the country programs were transformed into independent network members.

Tropenbos Suriname is a knowledge based and Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that is committed to the sustainable management and preservation of the forest. We respond to the need for knowledge, capacity enhancement, and organizational reinforcement. Being a knowledge broker, Tropenbos Suriname applies information to reach desired goals, and participates in dialogue to change policies and improve landscape-level practices, governance, trade, and finance.

Our work contributes to generating and bringing together different types of knowledge on forests, climate, ecosystem services, and users of the forest. We also focus on the relationship between the aforementioned topics. Furthermore, we focus on exploring and recording traditional management systems and how these systems are connected with the central management system of the government.

We conduct research and collect and create academic and traditional knowledge and information. This is transformed into useable products and tools for different stakeholders. We always execute projects together with partners, promoting evidence-based dialogue and participation in many national-level seminars and workshops.

Our mission is to improve the sustainable use of tropical forests and trees for the benefit of healthy ecosystems, and the well-being of people.

Our values
Our work is based on the core values of collaboration, sustainability, and inclusiveness:

  • We focus on local production and ecosystem services
  • We function as a knowledge broker to support informed decision-making
  • We have a built in central role for research, advocacy, knowledge sharing, partnerships, and empowerment of local communities to support decision-making on the use of tropical forests and trees.

The Tropenbos International network
Each independent member organization of Tropenbos International shares a common vision and mission, as well as a common focus and approach. Each member organization operates in a national program that is tailored to the specific local context and related conditions. The other network member organizations are in Indonesia, Vietnam, Ghana, the DR Congo, Colombia, and the coordination office is in Wageningen, the Netherlands.