Rapid Assessment of Existing Financial Mechanisms for Sustainable Forest Management in Suriname


Authors: Bhairo-Marhé, S., Caldeira, W., Pigot, C., Ramautarsing, W.

Suriname - 2009

Language: English


This study presents a national inventory and evaluation of existing finance mechanisms in Suriname with a focus on the support of sustainable forest management (SFM), including conservation of forests.

This report estimates the wider forest-related economic activities’ directly and indirectly contributing to GDP roughly at US$ 98 million (4% of GDP) through:

  • Directly: sustainable forest logging and industrial processing (US$ 33 million)
  • Directly: sustainable production of non-timber forest products (US$ 5 million)
  • Indirectly: non-sustainable shifting cultivation in agroforestry and agriculture (US$ 35 million)
  • Indirectly: sustainable nature related tourism and other paid for services (US$ 25 million).

Timber harvesting remains by far the most important economic activity in the forest, but largely inefficient and with low productivity at 0.11 m3 roundwood per hectare (utility rate), around 19% of its potential.

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