Good Agricultural Practices training at Pikin Slee

Good Agricultural Practices training at Pikin Slee

Suriname - 11 May, 2019

Wi! Uma Fu Sranan (WUFS) is an organization that aims to improve the standard of living of female producers mainly in rural areas. This organization provided a training in Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) in Pikin Slee from 10 to 13 April 2019 in cooperation with Tropenbos Suriname (TBIS).

Shortly after the delegation's arrival, a courtesy and introductory visit was made to Chief Captain Wanze Eduards of Pikin Slee, where the work of WUFS and the program for the three training days were discussed.

The following day the training started with 35 participants including 22 women. After opening speeches by Basja Alingo Doekoe from the village, TBIS and WUFS and an interactive introduction game, a start was made with the training. The importance of the training and WUFS products such as the Kokori casave breakfast porridge were highlighted during the introduction. After this, a start was made with the training in which the participants were taught what good agricultural practices are and particularly what they are not. 

In addition to the theoretical part, there were practical training moments such as dressing properly for spraying crops (see photo).

 participants and trainer (right)

On the last day there was an evaluation in which the participants correctly answered all questions from the head trainer Ir. Answer Jenna Wijngaarde. The participants also expressed what they had learned in a puzzle that covered good and bad agricultural practices (see photo).

puzzel opdracht te Pikin Slee

The GAP training was educational for the participants, but also for the WUFS trainers and the TBIS employees who stated in their closing word how much they have learned. In a closing video the participants expressed how much they looked forward to applying the gained knowledge in good agricultural practices.