To a Climate Smart Suriname through awareness workshop and Art at Waka Pasi

To a Climate Smart Suriname through awareness workshop and Art at Waka Pasi

Suriname - 26 November, 2019

On 26 November 2019 Tropenbos Suriname organized the public awareness workshop: Forest and Urban landscapes: towards a Climate Smart Suriname. This workshop was sponsored by the European Union (EU) and the main focus was both on the hinterlands as well as the capital Paramaribo.


During this activity Tropenbos Suriname allowed participants the opportunity to come up with solutions for current environmental issues. After the openings speech of the Tropenbos Suriname director, Dr Rudi van Kanten followed by the Ambassador of the EU Guyana – Suriname Dr. Fernando Ponz Canto and the minister of Sport- and Youth affairs Mrs. Lalinie Gopal MPA, the event continued with a tree planting ceremony on the premises of the event location, Owru Cul. Minister Gopal of Sport- and youth affairs, ambassador Ponz Canto and the head captain of the village of Pikin Slee Mr. Wanze Eduards, each planted a greenheart tree.


After the tree planting ceremony, the event continued with the workshop were groups were formed to create solutions on four topics: coordination of Urban green, waste management in the interior, youth awareness through education and the importance of urban green spaces.

The workgroups consisted of representatives from different environmental organizations, the government: different ministries and districts commissions and the Saamaka village of Pikin Slee. The participants were divided in 6 groups.

The general aim of the workshop was to contribute to the awareness of a green living environment and encourage urban green on the way to a Climate smart Suriname.

The second part of the EU awareness project included the painting of an Art mural at a strategic location in Paramaribo by a group of local artists to increase awareness amongst the community through art.

The United Tour Guides Suriname (UTGS) started the project Paramaribo Live Museum in September 2019 with the aim to embellish the inner city of Paramaribo for the growth of ecotourism. In favor of the mutual goal of increasing the love for our nature by using art in our inner city, there was cooperation between the two organizations.

As a result, Tropenbos Suriname together with her partners from the Paramaribo Live Museum project and sponsor Varossieau Ltd. launched the Art Mural at Waka pasi at the Kleine Combéweg, close to the van Rosevelt kade. The launch was denoted in a traditional way by a native man who because of his traditional attire, attracted special attention of attendees as well as passersby.



Art Mural2.jpg